Why Avadencia?

Avadencia is the technology forecasters have been waiting for.

Simply put, forecasting technology hasn’t kept up with the needs of its users. Project forecasting was too often difficult, inaccurate, or lacked visibility. There is more information available than ever before, and yet forecasting systems failed to generate value from this data. Traditional solutions were creating more work for users instead of more solutions and savings.

We know there is a better way to gather data, analyze, forecast, and learn from business intelligence. Meet Avadencia.


Problem Spotting & Data Drill-down

Do you see a problem with unit cost fluctuations or unanticipated variances with line items?  Use Instant Recall™ to drill down instantly to individual line items.  Find issues and take corrective action before a symptom becomes a full-scale problem.

Todd Takahashi

Project Snapshots

Where was your project in May?  Where was it in June, then September?  Our project snapshots help you easily assess how the project has evolved down to the detail.  By understanding the evolution of your project and the factors affecting your estimates and goals, you can plan better for the future.

Carlos Price

Well-informed Forecasts

Accurate forecasts draw from the right people and the right data to provide reliable analysis.  Avadencia offers the tools for easy participation and better intelligence than you’ve ever had before.

Nicole Hill

Precise Business Intelligence

Move beyond the simple aggregated-to-date costs. They don’t tell the whole story!  If you’re only looking in the rearview mirror, you’re not looking forward.  Use Avadencia to gain more forecasting intelligence than you ever have before based not only on the past, but immediate and relevant collaborative information from the field.

Nicole Liu

More Useful Information & Archives

Avadencia brings key information together graphically and numerically, using documentation and photos from the field.

  • Automatic, searchable email archiving by subject to track important developments or factors in your forecast
  • Add project photos
  • Attach key files or historical information for your archives
Roy Tamaya

Smart Data Ripple Effects

Avoid inputting data repeatedly. Avadencia’s “rollup” functionality ensures that, as factors of your forecast change, information will update in the relevant areas of your forecast.

Phyllis Gonzalez

Easy User Interface

Complex technology doesn’t have to be complex to use. Optimized user interfaces make it easy to input, track, and retrieve data.

Rose Clark

The Power of Knowledge

Our cloud-based software gives team members the ability to input, respond, or analyze, from wherever they are, office or field. Leverage collaboration for thorough data collection.