Avadencia for Infrastructure Projects

As you deliver bridges, tunnels, airports, sewer lines and other key infrastructure to projects, are your forecasts serving your needs?  Probably not. The fact is, existing software limits you to reviewing forecasting effectiveness after the fact.

Avadencia improves forecasting processes by offering an unparalleled level of detail so you can make intelligent business decisions as you need to.

Avadencia allows infrastructure forecasters to:

  • Track project development against maintenance/repair targets
  • Monitor cost increases and their effects on a forecast
  • Oversee individual projects or portfolios from one portal
  • Simultaneously gather data and input from teams in the office and out in the field
  • Analyze individual metrics regarding project actuals, forecasts, and targets
  • “Drill-down” to closely examine individual line items that influence the forecast
  • Archive correspondence related to the forecast
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