Avadencia for Oil and Gas

The world’s most competitive industries rely on precise forecasting to drive decision making and profits. Avadencia offers the cutting edge software to improve project management forecasting abilities immediately. Why wait to analyze forecasts after the fact?  Use Avadencia to gain insight into forecasts as a project is ongoing. With numerous collaboration and data gathering tools, Avadencia gives you more insight into your oil and gas forecasts than ever before.

Avadencia allows you to:

  • Track progress of maintenance/repair targets
  • Track assumed increases/decreases in mining/excavation yields
  • Monitor the effects of cost increases
  • Oversee project or portfolio details at-a-glance
  • Access instant metrics of project actuals, forecasts, and target costs- day or night
  • View and examine the history of individual line items of interest
  • Improve collaborative forecasting from teams both in-office and in the field
  • Increase business intelligence
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